Issue with VST Live Export feature in Cubase

@magicguigui, can you please give me your Cubase project file (*cpr)? And a short description what you have ticked in the “VST Live Export” dialog of Cubase. Maybe you can create a screenshot of the dialog? That would help to reproduce it.


You need to be more specific.

Here’s what I just did:

  • Cubase hub “Prompt for Project Location” (this is important to reproduce)
  • import audio file
  • save as “test”
  • File/VST Live/export “test” to a new empty folder
  • quit Cubase
  • Start VST Live
  • File/Import Media Project “test”, leave default (Create new Project)

Audio file plays fine. So what is different in your case?

This my example project (tracks to be eported are in white)
tunnel de la mort.cpr (3.4 MB)


Below is what I checked (I don’t want the folder track, just the audio tracks):

I export the project in a Empty Folder:
the 2 audio files are saved in the folder:

I create a new VST Live project and File/Import Media Project/Create song+parts+triggers:
audio files are not loaded (check also bad triggers).

If I save+close and open again, tempo and signature become empty and triggers have increased.

Will check, thanks!

Took your Cubase project, replaced those 2 tracks with other audio files, export.
Import - all good (audio files - triggers is a different thing and will get back to that).
There are several obstacles though. All come down to where the folders are, and how you set import options. You say “Create song+parts+triggers” but that’s not possible to select. Most importantly, did you have “Create Project” checked?
Then I saved the VST Live project where it was exported, quit, start and load again. Still good.
You showed audio files in the folder, is the exported media project one level up? It would be great if you could let me know your folder structure, where is the Cubase project, where do you export, where do you import (is “Prompt for Project Location” active when you start VST Live). There must be a reason but no matter how hard I try, cannot reproduce, so every little detail may help.
As said, trigger times are a different issue and will check that right now.

Also see here, this might be related: Midi Data Gone (1.1.42, 1.1.41) - #4 by musicullum

Sorry it was “create new song”, because I want to import the song in a existing project;

I think I start to understand how it works. Please see below my folder structure.

  • NameOfGroup
    • Album1
      • Song1
        => folders+cpr from cubase project + “VTS Live” folder I have created (with files from exported cubase song1)
      • Song2
        => folders+cpr from cubase project + “VTS Live” folder I have created (with files from exported cubase song2)
      • Song3
        => folders+cpr from cubase project + “VTS Live” folder I have created (with files from exported cubase song3)
  • VST Live
    • projects
      • NameOfGroup
        • files of VST project
    • templates

Audio files are in the “Audio/gig” folder in “VST Live” folder of the songX.

What I want is to keep each VST Live export files from cubase in each song folders, and when importing songs in my VST Live project, I need the files to be copied to the VST Live project.

I never used this option. What is it supposed to do ?

Thanks for the info.
I just want to understand how your first case with the pictures is even possible. When you import a media project exported from Cubase and load that file, and audio files are in the folder (and you did nothing else!), there is no reason that those files should not be audible.

Let me make this absolutely clear, because “project” can mean anything here :slight_smile:
You export to an empty (?) folder, named for example “exportedFromCubase.vlsprj”.
In that folder, where that very file is saved, there is a folder audio/gig, and in there are those audio files - they were copied from the Cubase project to that folder by the VST Live Export function in Cubase. Correct so far?
Then you close Cubase (!), open VST Live, new project, and file/import media project pointing to said exportedFromCubase.vlsprj file. Still correct?
If all of this is true, there is almost no possibility that it doesn’t find those files for playback.

Things get more complicated when you save the VST Live project now. Because it matters, where your current VST Live project lives; usually (and as you confirmed), that is the path found in the hub next to “Use Default Location”. So if you save there, it would fail to find its files, as those reside somewhere else (in the folder where you exported the media project). However that has been fixed in version 1.1.42.
But let’s go step-by-step: after import, without doing anything else, no audio files, really?

There is something else. In your picture of track selection for export (in Cubase), those 2 audio tracks are shown as residing in a folder “VST Live”, but in your project, they are outside, and the “VST Live” folder ist empty. And also, in your picture you didn’t tick the folder either (which might well lead to problems, we’ll check that). So something appears to be different from your pictures and the Cubase file you presented so kindly?

Ho sorry, about my first post above, when I talked about “tracks in a folder”, I would like to mean what you talk about in your sentence below:


So in that case, the 2 audio tracks are not exported.

Correct !

Still correct !

Except maybe if these 2 audio tracks are residing in a folder track “VST Live”.

… fixed. The “Cubase Exporter” always needs the parent folder of sub-tracks. In your example here, you have to tick the “VST Live” folder to get “Bass Dry” and “second Gtr” exported. Next version will take care that the “VST Live” is ticked.


… see my last message.


Ok thank you even if this solution doesn’t suit me… lol
In fact, I had created the folder track “VST Live” just to put aside these audio tracks that I had created only for VST Live. That’s why I don’t want to use the “folder track” in my VST Live project.

But ok I understand it is how cubase has been developped.

Hi @musicullum , Do I have to create a new post for this above ? as this issue (folder track) is resolved ?

I guess we’re all good now, thanks for your support!

I’m not sure finally because I tried some configuration this morning and I’m not sure to understand everything.

What is the link between “Use Default Location” in the hub (and the other option) and the VST Live export in Cubase ?

There is no link. It is just to make sure we know where things go.
Just check with the next version if everything is ok now.

Could you please just explain where files has to go with these two parameters

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They don‘t have to, it was just important for a repro of the problem.