Issue with VST window, wrong window appears

I have a template that uses VDL for the marching battery, and it was supposed to use VDL (and Kontakt) for the mallet instruments as well. But for some reason the mallets were added to Halion.

I have ‘powered off’ the Halion VSTs, and added a second Kontakt. When I click the ‘e’ to add the glockenspiel to Kontakt and VDL, it brings up a Halion window, and not the appropriate Kontakt window.

Sometimes clicking on the ‘e’ brings up both VST windows (Halion and Kontakt). The idea in my mind, is that NOTHING in this score should use Halion. Both instances are powered off, and I am unable to delete them.

What am I doing wrong? Is anyone else having this issue?


Also, from the “VST and MIDI” window, when I click on the ‘e’, it also brings Halion and not Kontakt.


Hi Robby, this is a very rare condition, that we occasionally saw in the past but not recently anymore. That means, from my gut feeling, it happened from time to time in Dorico 1 until 3.5 and not ever since 4.0, or at least no one notified us, you are the first for a very long time. But we could never reproduce this issue and therefore could not do anything against it.
What if you apply your Playback template once more, is HALion still on the list then?


Thank you for responding. This might be part of the issue. I do not have a Playback template that has Kontakt. All of them are some form of Halion, or Noteperformer.

I have tried to create my own Playback Template, but am running into issues. Such as, when I go to create my own Playback template, I am unable to add anything by clicking on the ‘Add Manual’ button. Clicking the button does nothing. When I select the ‘Endpoint Configurations’ button (this is me pretending I know what any of these actually do), it opens a window that does nothing with no options.

I am not sure if this helps you at all. But I can try whatever you want me to.


I don’t use VDL, but assuming it works in Kontakt, Start a project and configure just VDL as you want it. Then save this as an Endpoint… (use this icon)
(This essentially saves the instrument-VST configuration)
Now you should have something manual to add to your Playback Template.

Here is another anomaly that I have found.

Dorico appears to load multiple instances of the different VST windows. You can see from this screen capture, there are numbers like 40, 41, 35, 36, 38, etc. on the VST windows. This particular project takes about 2 minutes before the project is activated.

Here is the project:
Amparito Roca MHS Drumline.dorico (3.1 MB)


Does doing this action export all of the VST instruments listed in the window? Because I cannot remove/delete the Halion Instances that are loaded.


Yes. That’s why I suggested you do it on a new empty project. Then when you combine it with one of the Automatic endpoints you will create a Template that includes VDL for your drums and the Halion for everything else.

There’s a chance that file some how got corrupted. I started a new file to try what you said, and I have had no issues with the VST instruments (Kontakt Player).

I have not tried what you suggested @Janus , as a new project doesn’t have any errors so far. (fingers crossed).

Here is something I have noticed, when I attempt to edit the percussion techniques is where I start to see issues with playback. This project started life as the VDL battery template that Jon Barron created many, many moons ago. I am not sure if that is the issue, as what I have gathered from Daniel those are/were user defined instruments. See this thread: Issue/Confusion with Percussion Instruments

I am running into many issues as of late:

  1. When I edit the percussion techniques things seem go awry.
  2. Sometimes I am having to force quit Dorico as it some how hangs, so far only on instances where I have edited the percussion techniques…
  3. When I force quit Dorico and restart, Dorico cannot connect to the Audio Engine. It tells me to “terminate” and Dorico will create a file. However, when I press terminate, it tells me that Dorico cannot find the Audio Engine. At this point I have to restart the computer completely for Dorico to once again find the Audio Engine.

I am not sure if this makes sense. But let me know what you would like me to try to do. I am willing to try and test as many things as necessary to help out.


(Sorry, I can’t help with anything specific to VDL nor Percussion Techniques in general)

Here is the video of #3 from above happening.

This one happened a little different, I tried to load a VDL Full Drumline Playback Template. It loaded 14 different instances of Kontakt. I closed all of the instances out, closed Dorico and did NOT save the file. Dorico appeared to close normally. I went to open Dorico 3 minutes later, trying to record what had just happened, and this unable to connect to the Audio Engine issue happened.


Here is the Diagnostics file.

Dorico (1.2 MB)


Hi Robby, it appears to me that your issue has more to do with setting up a custom playback template. But other than pointing you at this Dorico Help page I can not help further. I hope someone else can do.

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Thanks for helping Ulf… I appreciate your time and efforts.


Hi Robbie. Having created the whole expression maps and playback templates for Spitfire Percussion Joby Burguess, I probably could have helped you. Alas, I don’t have VDL (and I don’t think I would ever need it).
My advice would be this :
• Watch the Discover Dorico where John explains how to setvup your own playback templates
• Create a simple Dorico file with only VDL, and the instruments you use in VDL, so that you can create your Endpoints. If you want, I can send you my Spitfire Percussion Dorico document. Every instrument is represented there (with different dynamics) so that I could test that everything works as expected. Once that simple file is built up, chances are you will find all this less opaque!



I will follow your example. It will take a few days, as I don’t have much time with work at the moment. But I will try to get to it by the end of the year. Thanks for the help!


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