Issue with Yamaha/Steinberg drivers

Hello all!

I had to revert the version of Windows on my computer as the latest updates where wreaking havoc on my hard drives. Ever since then I am not able to open any programs that require the Yamaha/Steinberg driver. these include Cubase, Dorico, Sibelius, and Kontakt. I am using a UR22 MK II. Uninstalling or re-installing the driver gives me the following error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



First, I would post this to the hardware thread.

Could you try to run the installation as administrator, please?

I think I have done the first one,

and I have definitely done the second one. still the same.


Do you install from msi or exe file, please?

Btw, please update your Cubase to the latest 10.5.20.

I installed from .exe if memory serves, and I just updated to 10.5.20 as you asked and the problem still persists.

i think it has to do with that damned .msi file it is asking for. it just refuses to uninstall properly without it.

I tried pointing it to one that I found on my drive but I get this error. this is getting frustrating to say the least.

your windows messed with some user references and folders
download a new driver installer from the Steinberg website

that is the crux of the problem. i tried installing the newest driver. the installer wants to uninstall the old driver before installing the new one, thus these errors.