Issue: WL 9.5 Shortcut with MIDI Triggers


I love using MIDI control surfaces. My workflow is so much more efficient when I have customized buttons for so many tasks. I love it.

However, In WaveLab 9.5, Windows 7 Pro 64bit, I cannot create or add MIDI Triggers to commands. MIDI events and triggers I have added in earlier versions of WL are there and work OK. I just can’t change anything or add new ones.


1 - We are editing an Audio File, let’s say.

2 - Select: File -> Preferences -> Shortcuts.

3 - Select a shortcut

4 - Click Edit button at the bottom of the list. (for example, the command “move to next marker” I would like to map to the double-right arrow button next to the play button on the MIDI surface. Makes sense to me.)

5 - The “Shortcut Definition” dialog appears.

6 - Click on the “1st Event” field.

7 - Press and release the “Fast Forward” (the double right arrow) button on the MIDI surface. (The fields populate with the MIDI Event details.)

8 - Click OK. The dialog box goes away.

9 - The MIDI information is not recorded or saved. :frowning:

10 - Click Edit button again, and see that there is no information in the MIDI Event Sequence fields.

Well, at least that’s how it is just for me. I am sure some of you folks use MIDI surfaces, please take a second and see if you can add new MIDI triggers to shortcuts?

Thanks to all.


Thanks for the report. This will be fixed in next patch.

Thank You so much! Tschuss!!! :smiley:

When will this be fixed? Is it fixed in 10?