[issue + workarround] TC Powercore plugins

I found a strange basic issue (behavior) with N6.0.5…
Have N5 and N6 installed on the same PC.
If I open N5 project with N6 and play it back, I’ve no sound…

Everything seems working, but no sound is audible… It works like a charm under N5.
Under N6, my RME Digiface mixer shows no activity as well, so the output signal is not routed to the hardware as it should be according to the VST Connections panel.

The workaround: in order to be able to listen to this project I have to delete and reset the VST Connections of the output busses (of course to the same outputs of the same hardware)…
Anyone to confirm?


EDIT: Title update

NU5 and NU6 (both 64bit) on the same machine here, with RME HDSPe audio hardware. No major issues (apart from the fact that I actually don’t use NU6 at all for real work due to the major usabilty draw-backs - but that’s a different topic).

I have N5 & N6 both on 2 MacBook Pro’s using RME FF800 & have not experienced that at all.
Other things yes… but audio always passes through from 5 - 6 or back again.

This issue seems to affect projects containing TC Powercore plugins.

Confirmed here (also with Nuendo 6.0.5)

The workarround to bypass this issue is to close the project containing TC Powercore plugins et reopen it again (not acceptable in front of customers), then it works.

This issue seems to affect projects containing TC Powercore plugins.

Thank you, that one has been driving me nuts. I think we might be stuck with this one since Powercore is no longer officially supported. Did you try removing and re-instantiating just the TC plugs? I haven’t tried that yet. john.

According to wosch777 in the above tread removing and re-instantiating the TC plug works… but in some large projects it could be a huge work.
Closing and reloading the project seems the fastest way up to now to make it working.
Removing and re-instantiating the output busses has also worked as a workarround for me.
Latest Powercore drivers v4.4.1 were released on June 3rd 2013, not too bad for a discontinued product since a long time.
Development has ended but support seems fortunately to continue (up to now…) Fingers crossed.
My guess this case seems more a Nuendo/Cubase initialisation issue rather than a TC bug

TC Powercore plugins.
If one reads carefully the announcements TC made earlier this year, they say they will continue to support the Powercore platform. They do: in fact they just released another update (v 4.4.3) of their drivers. What they also say is that they will not continue development on the platform, that is: make new plugins.
That means, we can keep using the Powercore for new projects. And if we have bugs, their Support will continue to address them. You may read testimonies of users working with Nuendo 64-bit on the Powercore Forum.
A great way to keep longtime users happy and working with trustable tools.