[Issue] Workspaces Do Not Save Channel Settings

In N6 and before this hasn’t been a problem:

When editing dialog, I like to keep my DX group channel settings (where all the plugins & EQ live) open.

In previous versions, opening my “Dialog Edit” workspace would recall the DX channel settings window. Now, opening that workspace (I’ve tried rebuilding it) opens the channel settings window for the selected track.

I’ve checked and unchecked as many of the “link editors” preferences as I could identify, and the problem endures.


  1. Create a workspace with a desired channel settings window assigned. Save/update.
  2. In the Project window, select a track OTHER than the one assigned to the workspace.
  3. Recall the workspace

The channel settings window will now represent the selected track, not the track saved to the workspace.

This is really irritating!