Issue - Wrong Values With Midi CC With Loop Mode

Let’s assume the following situation (as in the attached picture)

I have a project which I play back in loop mode, from bar 5 to 7.
I have a midi track which is connected to an external synthesizer.
This midi track has a CC automation, say it automates a lowpass filter.
At position 5.0.0 and 7.0.0 the CC value is, say, 70.
At a position outside (!) the loop, say, 8, the value is 0.

If I start the playback everything is fine. However, if the playback jumps back to 5
the sound is not played back correctly, because the CC value of 0 is applied. From
there on, the CC is not changed anymore.

In short, in loop mode, the last CC value of the track is applied, once the playback
jumps back to the first position of the loop. The numbers give above are just an example.
The problem always occurs on my system.

Cubase 8.x 64 Bit
Win 7 64 Bit
Midi Loop.PNG

The issue is still there with 8.0.30. Automation points out of the loop are still read. In my tests the correct value at the beginning of the loops were read, however with latency and a “pluck” sound, like a quick sweep.

Make sure that Preferences->MIDI->Controller and Preferences->MIDI->Never Reset Chased Controllers checked