[ISSUE] Years long: N 8.2 still crashes when opening up very large projects in a row.

I mentioned this here before a while back when I briefly tried N8 but need to bring it up again because it’s still there and is a very major issue. This has been happening to me since I started with Cubase 8 over three years ago, and on the forums I could see a while ago when I first posted about it that it’s been going for many years on both Mac and Windows.

The issue is that I (and plenty of others) can’t load up very large projects back-to-back without N8.2 crashing. I can load up many small projects back-to-back without issue, by way of comparison. And I can load up different versions of one project (with most of the same approximate plugins and VSTs, etc.), also without issue.

This does not happen in other DAWs I’ve used or tried (Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One) - on those I can load as many large projects as I want up back-to-back without any problem. This must be an old code problem for Cubendo since it’s been around for so long and exists on both Windows and Mac. I have 64 gigs of RAM, WAY more than enough for any RAM issues here.

I can’t say exactly what the issue is, just that it punches a big hole in my workflow every single day. And again: From what I’ve been reading and also hearing from friends who use Cubase or Nuendo, it’s been an issue for many years on both platforms. I want to stay on Cubendo so I keep hoping it will get remedied. Thanks for listening and fixing!


There seems to be no Steinberg responses to issues here, but I’ll bump anyway. Who can I send crash logs to? I know for a fact that many people experience this issue, based on the amount of posts I’ve seen on both forums and every person I personally know who is Cubase or Nuendo. Let’s get to the bottom of it and fix it.

Yes - been like that for years, reported many times, and I don’t see it getting fixed any time soon. I always quit/relaunch Nuendo before opening another project.

It’s a major fault of the software – like, really, really bad. I don’t understand how something like this can exist for so long without fixing? What am I paying all of this money for if I need to close and open Nuendo every time I open up a new large project? I’m sorry, but this is kind of absurd for professional software.

For the love of all that’s holy, please firmly acknowledge and fix this Steinberg – I am happy to help with crash logs or whatever.

In what country are you as far as your Steinberg USB key registrations go?

Hi Steve, I’m in the U.S. I’m still on the trial for Nuendo, but am registered for Cubase.

Then open ticket about this in your Steinberg account.

I’ll try. Sometimes there is no response or extremely delayed response with support tickets.

For Cubase I strongly helped get the Mac GUI issue attended to and acknowledged by very direct contact and interaction with Fabio there. I was hoping the same could happen here. Maybe I’ll try that there as well.

Then it sounds like you know how to proceed. :slight_smile:

FYI, I opened up a support ticket describing the longtime problem in detail, and this is the response: "This request was sent to the Steinberg US Support office, which is part of Yamaha Corporation of America. The best route to send feature requests for future updates is to make the request to the online Steinberg forum thread aptly called “Feature Requests and Suggestions”. This thread is moderated by the development team in Hamburg Germany. "

Somehow they interpreted it is a feature request instead of an issue. I’ll put it there (though I’ve seen it there and posted it there before…but I’ll do it again), but this is the kind of thing that I’ve run into before when opening up a support ticket with something like this.

Here is the FR link – everyone who also wants this fixed please chime in there. Thank you. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=276&t=140051