[ISSUE] "Zoom While Locating" is broken

Loving N7.

However, one pretty obvious issue is the new behavior of Zoom While Locating in the Project Window. Locating is fine, but attempting to Zoom while Locating is pretty frustrating. If you have N7, you already know what I mean (assuming you use this function).

I suspect it has to do with challenges in implementing this long standing function in the new class of windows. The Project Window has never been this floating class of window before, obviously. It seems to me that the X and Y (no, not Coldplay) axis of the mouse are interacting in an undesirable way. As though there is a dithering between the 2 different input axes and the 2 different desired functions…Zoom and Locate. Vertical Axis should only be Zoom and Horizontal Axis should only be locate. But that is not how it currently works, at least on my system.

There are other undesirable aspects of the function as well, such as a seemingly hyperexponential “mouse acceleration” aspect which results in huge jumps in Zoom level with miniscule mouse movement. My specs are in my sig, in case this is OS or hardware related. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but it makes working a bit less intuitive and productive. Some obviously easy workarounds, but it sure was nice the way is worked before!

One quick question. I’m on Windows. Does this behavior happen on OSX?

Not really. Zoom While Locating seems OK here on PC.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll have a look at drivers and settings for video. After checking, there are people having the same issue as me with C8. I’ll look for a fix in that forum.