Issues 1 minute into Cubase 10.5.10

  • In the Mix Console the red borders highlighting the track disappear if you move the cursor/mouse around.
  • F4 window is still grey…
  • If you drag and drop a VST instrument from the VST tab and not drop the instrument but instead take the instrument back to the original position on the VST tab the cursor starts to “glitch” (the image of the VST under the cursor starts to appear and disappear rapidly).
    I think you can reproduce the point above by just dragging a VST, dropping it and then move the cursor back to the VST tab, if you hover the mouse above your VST’s, the cursor will start to glitch.

This I spotted within the first minute of opening the new Cubase 10.5.10.
I don’t understand how is this possible?

I thought this was supposed to be a professional program.
Why do I keep seeing bugs and minor bugs that a random tech guy in a garage somewhere could fix within one hour?

And you guys said that this was the last update to Cubase before Cubase 11!? This is ridiculous!


This is an old bug, which you can see in Cubase 9, Cubase 8, Cubase 7 already…

I would say this GUI is kind of “under construction”.

I cannot reproduce this.

No, this is the 1st Cubase 10.5 maintenance update. Cubase 10.5 will be in development (bug fixing) phase for 1 year and the last update will come in approximately one year (probably).

this is a pity because the GUI was good and readable untill C10. Why alter it in 10.5 so you can’/t read it.

Cubase Pro 11 user here. The red border issue is still present in the mix console.
It’s also present in the left zone for audio inserts and sends (for the whole section & also for single cells) and probably everywhere else using that red border when “clashing” with normal mouse highlighting.