Issues activating Cubase Elements 12

I’m having an issue activating Cubase Elements 12 on my PC. I was using Cubase Elements 9.5, but then I decided to remove everything from my PC because I updated from Windows 10 to Windows 11 & also purchased a 2TB SSD drive. I just recently purchased the upgrade to Elements 12, but I’m having issues. I followed all the steps required to activate Cubase Elements 12, but in the Activation Manager, I’m receiving the message “Verification Pending.”

I opened the Activation Manager, entered the Download Redeem Code, I pressed the Upgrade button, the soft eLicenser window opened, the activation code was automatically entered, I pressed Continue, and I received a message stating that my license could not be found. I also updated to the latest soft eLicenser. I guess this is happening because I deleted/removed Cubase Elements 9.5 from my PC.

BTW, before trying to activate it, do I already have to have Cubase Elements 12 installed? Because at the moment, I only have installed the Download Manager, the Activation Manager & soft eLicenser on my PC. Would appreciate someone’s help with this matter.

Also, my PC is a Dell G5 (32GB of RAM & 2TB SSD drive running Windows 11).

Please follow these instructions to reactivate your old Cubase Elements 9.5 license:

The license for your previous version of Cubase needs to be present on either your computer or a connected USB-eLicenser dongle in order for the verification process to succeed.

Thank you so much for your assistance. It took me some time, but finally figured it out :wink: