Issues after installing Dorico 4.3.30 maintenance update

After installing the latest update for Dorico Pro 4, I’m noticing some issues with a score I’ve been working on for several months, now.
E.g.: I manually input two notes for an instrument and them increased their value from a quarter note to a half note, each. Then I chose from Tremolo menu a three bar tremolo so it will last a full measure of 4/4. Then I get this:

This has never happened until now.

Something else I’m running into, is that before the update I could copy a note from one instrument and paste it into the same or another instrument. Now doing this, consistently it pastes into only one instrument always. To avoid this I have to call up the caret first, in the instrument I want to paste and then it pastes correctly.
E.g.: I copy from Marimba and paste into Marimba, but, it goes into Xilophone, which is the other instrument assigned to the same player. (Top staff is Xilo and bottom grand staff is Marimba)

Another issue is when condensing the instruments in the player score; I get this weird scoring part:

So far none of these issues are impeding my progress, but they are very strange, especially the first two, which I never had happen to me until this new update.
Here’s the diagnostic file in case it helps.
Dorico (954.2 KB)

In any case, any help/suggestions/tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated.

I suspect these issues are actually something specific to the project you’re working on rather than the 4.3.30 update. If you could attach the score here - or, even better, a cut-down version - with instructions on how to reproduce the problem then we can take a look.

With respect to the copying between Marimba and Xylophone, my guess is that the notes you are copying have been crossed from one staff to another. This can give awkward results - staff-crossing is essentially a way of overriding which staff the note draws on, and this override may still be in place after copying. I would suggest using Edit > Notations > Cross Staff > Reset to Original Staff to see if this fixes your problem.

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About the tremolo notation: The dashed barlines make it look like you’ve got an aggregate time signature operating, such as “1/4|1/4|1/4|1/4”. I find I can copy a properly notated full-bar 2-note tremolo into such a bar (making the dashed barlines bunch up and look weird), but if I try to create a 2-note tremolo in such a bar, I get what you showed. Of course, as Richard said, a file demonstrating the problems will get you better answers.

About condensing: This is what Dorico does when condensing instruments with different numbers of staves. I would just turn off condensing in the part. (You could force it to keep the 2-staff format: add another marimba, rename it Xylophone, copy the music into the top staff, and delete the 1-staff xylophone. But I recommend no condensing, as that layout better represents moving between instruments.)

I’ll look into these suggestions.
Here’s the sample file, in case it helps.

Sample D4.3.3.dorico (1018.8 KB)

Another thing I’m finding with the tremolo, is that it doesn’t let me undo it when choosing the tremolo menu option of quarter note without tremolo lines.

Thank you for your help and support.

The workaround I just found for the tremolo is to do two quarter notes, then chose tremolo, creating a half note duration tremolo; then copy paste into next two beats and finally tie them, getting this:

I think the problem with the tremolo is just that you’re trying to create a 2-note tremolo from a note that is split across a barline. That won’t work - both the start note and end note of a 2-note tremolo must be a single notehead.

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