Issues Connecting iPad to Eucontrol Windows 10

I have previously been able to use the PT | Control App without issue. Recently, though, it seems to have (mostly) stopped connecting to Eucontrol. Every once in a while Eucontrol will see the ipad, but there’s no rhyme or reason that I can discern. So far, no solution I’ve found in the guide or on this forum has fixed the issue.

I’m using this with an artist mix to control Cubase, and the artist mix shows up, and using the steinberg app, I’m able to control cubase from the ipad, but Eucontrol does not recognize the ipad. So, I know I’m on the same network and the ipad is able to connect to the computer somehow for Cubase, but not Eucon.

Really, I’m just trying to be able to group things on the artist mix that I can easily recall. So even if there’s another app besides PT | Control that can do this, that would be a viable solution for me. I’m also considering buying a lightning to ethernet adapter and a router to create a wired connection for the ipad, but before I throw money at this problem, I’d love some suggestions for things to try.