Issues importing audio tracks from Finale

Does anyone else use Finale to generate their audio? I’m running into an issue when importing audio from Finale where certain tracks are getting randomly transposed out of key. I have no idea what’s causing it. I use the mixer in Finale to individually mute channels, export each instrument separately as an AIFF file, then convert them to WAV before importing into Cubase.

It’s not only changing the key on some of the tracks, but also mucking up the timing of those tracks. I listened to the original tracks pre-import, and they are in the correct time and are the correct key, so I know the issue is in Cubase somewhere. I just have no clue how to resolve this.

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How do you import the AIFF, please? Do you import to already existing project? Do you have any data in the project already?

Thank you for the welcome and your help!

I import the AIFF files all at once into an empty project. So, on the start screen I click Create Empty and then go to File > Import > Audio File and select all the audio files I need at once, adding them as separate tracks.

I have tested with AIFF, WAV, and MP3 file formats. In AIFF format, the instruments are no longer transposing, but the rhythm on the Timpani track is still faster than all the other tracks for some reason. With WAV and MP3 file formats, some instruments are getting transposed (in this project, the flute and tubular bells, all other instruments sound fine), and the Timpani track is faster than the other tracks.

I checked the AIFF files in Audacity to make sure it wasn’t a problem with the files themselves. In Audacity, all the instruments play the correct pitch and rhythm so something is happening during import.

I tried reading the manual for a solution, but didn’t find anything that addressed this issue specifically. I imagine this is not how most people are using Cubase.


Could you please double-check if the Audio Events have the Musical Mode switched On or Off, please? I would recommend to switch it Off for all Audio Events.