Issues noticed in 8.5

Hi PG,

Thanks for 8.5. Just had a few observations following my transition over from WL8:

  1. Master section greyed-out when trying to save updates/tweaks to master section presets (as mentioned in dagoose’s thread).
  2. Voxengo plugins GUIs are hidden when altering the oversampling option, leaving the little oversampling option box. GUI returns on selection, so this isn’t a huge issue, but it is a little odd given this didn’t happen in WL8.
  3. UAD Shadow Hills Compressor behaves differently when using the mouse wheel to change parameters – used to move in single steps in WL8. Perhaps some kind of mouse wheel resolution tweaks has been made between 8 and 8.5? Only seems to happen with this plugin, as far as my cursory tests have shown.
  4. Strange menu behaviour: click ‘file’, or any other menu item. Click again to close it (i.e. toggle). Try to click again to open it once again. Nothing happens. Click again and it opens. There’s an odd redundant click here that doesn’t exist in 8.

I had found this too…

  1. Voxengo plugins GUIs are hidden when altering the oversampling option, leaving the little oversampling option box. GUI returns on selection, so this isn’t a huge issue, but it is a little odd given this didn’t happen in WL8.

The way the bug manifests on my system, is that the Voxengo GUI goes away when you select any drop down and then doesn’t come back. I have to go back to the FX bin and reselect the Plug-in visibility every time I make a change. So, for me…it is a huge issue. I’ll have to go back to WaveLab 8 until this one gets fixed.

Wow. Shall see if I can find another plugin with a dropdown menu.

Yep, the dropdowns in Eventide’s new Ultrachannel don’t even open in 8.5. Can’t select different EQ band types at all.

Well the good news there is that among channel strip tools, Eventides truly sucks. MH, SSL, UAD, and Alloy all feature more usable eq, and dynamics sections. Eventide does get delays right, but that’s not terribly important for most WL users. Your mastering projects thank you for not using Ultrachannel. :wink:

Voxengo Elephant GUI is working ok for me on WL 8.5 64-bit using OSX 10.9.2

Are you saying the entire plugin GUI goes away when trying to edit the oversamping (x4, x8 etc.)? I can edit this parameter without any issue.

This is a Windows only issue. There will be a solution in next patch.

Cool – thanks PG.

PG, I had this on mac…

Thank you!

Added 4th issue concerning menu bar clicking.

I’m also experiencing extra mouse input that didn’t exist in 8.0.3 and earlier, trying to pinpoint it.

Another Bug which is still present in WL 8.5 on the Mac side in the Recording Panel:

As soon as you select the option “Always on top” you can’t change for example the file type … it always reverts to the first setting.

I noticed my VST-Connections being displayed incorrect which causes quite some confusion.
I am using a MOTU 2408 & 1224 via Adats.

In this Screenshot there are several SPDIF Connections being displayed and a SONY :astonished: which I don`t have either.

When Wavelab 7 first appeared, there was a bug restricting the ability to resize the Montage window to be larger or smaller horizontally only. Vertical and diagonal resizing via the lower right window corner didn’t work. It was fixed before WL8 appeared.

It seems to be back. On a Macbook Pro, the minimum window size is larger than my screen, so the bottom edge of the Montage window is always a bit off. I can resize horizontally by dragging the lower right corner, but vertically it won’t get any smaller. My icons are at smallest size (standard - btw, i’d love to have a “standard -1” option for those!), and the upper panes are as small vertically as I can make them.

This is not the case with the Audio File window. It resizes normally for Macbook screen.

I suspect this isn’t a “bug”, but rather a change, relating to the newly larger master section. If so, I virtually NEVER use the master fader, and dislike meters there (too small to tell me much, fader throw to short to be useful, and by that point in the chain I honestly don’t want to touch a fader anyway). Since it’s unlikely you’ll be removing that conventional control, I’d prefer the entire master section be resizable as a unit - shrink/redraw graphics to fit the space available.

Workaround: I moved a bunch of controls on the lower frame over to the right frame of the window, which allowed me to eliminate that lower frame control space, and shrink it by that much. Not ideal but better than nothing.

When using the Batch-Renaming I receive unexpected results.
Added some screenshots.

Example 1:
to be erased: _dlK_mac


Example 2:
Renaming & Erasing the former name

Result: unwanted charaters are being added

Additionally the rest hasn`t been erased but modified in an undesired way.
Not normal that you get these characters, but the 1st function you try to do is certainly not the one you expect: this one remove some characters, not a given sequence of character.

I am disappointed with the premature release of 8.5. Buggy as hell. I went back to using version 8. I usually get compensated for beta testing.

You must work for some great developers - I’ve never been compensated for beta testing (sometimes I’ve gotten the final product for free, mostly it’s a courtesy in exchange for some desired feature).

Early releases of anything are a crap shoot, so I generally wade in. To be honest I’ve found initial releases of WL since 7 to be more stable than competing cross platform products, but I think that’s coincidentally related to being on a relatively new mac with current OSX (mac hardware’s all Apple, no 3rd party intermediaries etc). There are a lot of rigs out there, with subtle but critical differences making it impossible to stomp all issues in beta. Only release reveals them, where the diversity of users smokes out problems. Plug-ins in particular are a problem. I too get frustrated when VST plugs that work in Cubase and Nuendo don’t work in WL; that’s a drag for sure.