Issues - recording, freezing - first project with Cubase


This is my very first trial with Cubase Pro 8 (and Cubase, period).

Aside of fact I do not have meters moving (as per another post I made), here are some additional issues I am facing:

  1. If I record an audio track (guitar), while monitoring before recording, sound is very clean. Once I record it, it end out like a heavy overloaded guitar recorded. Unless there is any ‘‘pre-loaded rack’’ in the background, I just can,t figure out what could be wrong in my routing to over-metalize my guit… (we are talking here of real guitar, audio track). (Possible I have chosen the template ‘‘rock’’ or ‘‘pop’’ song when first creating the project. (And… of course, since I do not have monitoring onscreen - else than on mixing board and audio interface, no way to see if anything hits hard in Cubase). (Oh and waveform on the track shows very decent - not like an overloaded track at all)

  2. Once I finish recording, if I’m trying say, to go an hit File : Save (or Edit to Undo recording), I get a freeze for about 20 long seconds if not more before I can do it… and it freezes again if I go too fast and miss the right button thus do the process again… This is very annoying. And it seems only to do it after recording an audio track - not Instrument tracks.

  3. One more very annoying : I am (as many of you) using dual monitoring. Why do I need to re-create everything every time I re-launch the same project ? (everything is back on one monitor ! … Never saw this issue in Pro Tools or Logic (same system).

Must tell I am using this on Mac OSX 10.8.5 (not ‘‘officially’’ supported, but many here appear to use CB Pro 8 on that)

CustomMac built:
i7 Core 2 duo, 8GB,
Mac OS X 10.8.5
RME Fireface 800 audio interface
Yamaha 02R v2 digital console
Cubase Pro 8 (new)
Pro Tools 11 (most of the times)
Logic Pro X (very occasional)

That’s your problem right there. The template adds in Rack Effects.

I cannot corroborate your other issues - works as expected here.

Ok thanks BriHar : indeed, new track, pure - was clean :slight_smile:
Freezing, like metering problem : solved after reboot.

Now remaining : third problem described above: why Cubase does not save monitors settings !!.. Ridiculous, this is the first DAW I have with this issue over a decade !!..

The only note I can offer on your point 3, is that if you save the project (or at least in my case) then window positions and status are also saved. If I move windows, turn them off or on, then close the project (without saving), the next time I open it everything will be back as it was last time I opened the project.
Do the workspaces work for you, i.e. can you save and load them? This might be an alternative for some workflows - just load any project, and regardless of the window positions, you simply load your workspaces. (Just an idea, I’ve not tried this scenario in this particular context).

Huumm… Finally updated to 8.0.5 - little improvement on the issue : if I just close the project (but not stop CB), it will reopen with windows in place on monitors as I left these.

However, if I shut down CB, next time I launch CB and open the project, everything’s back on one monitor !..

Not a huge deal, but yet annoying : all other DAWs I’ve used never did this…