Issues Recording in from Audio Interface

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I am having issues recording all of the sudden in Cubase 8.5. I have an EMU 1616 M and last night I was recording into Cubase fine with out any issues using both microphone and 1/4 cable for guitar. I added a track and all of the sudden, there is no signal coming into record. I also can no longer record into any of the tracks where it worked fine before. I can hear all of the vocals or guitar through the EMU but Cubase is not getting a signal. I can also hear all of the tracks from last night playing together and they are all running out Stereo through the EMU. I can even hear the 2 together (i.e the vocal signal that I would like to record but can’t for whatever reason, and the music I want to record it onto simultaneously). However, when I hit record, I am not getting a signal, there is just a flat line, and (even though I can hear what I am playing), there is not audio going in. I have checked all the settings on the inputs and outputs and don’t see any obvious reason for this. Any assistance trouble shooting would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I am having this exact problem. I am using 8.5.30 through a UR22 into an iMac with OS Mojave 10.14.2. I have reinstalled, updated etc, I have been using Cubase for about 12 years so I don’t think that inexperience is the cause of my problem. I have checked that I am using the right audio inputs, busses etc numerous times, armed the track, monitoring etc but no audio is being recognised by the DAW even though it is coming through the Mac system and I can hear it fine. It was working last time I used it and now for some reason it is not. I also have a Mac Pro laptop running OS Mojave and Cubase 8.5.30 is working perfectly. Any solutions or help would be greatly appreciated.

When I add my instrumental and starting recording my audio.
The Audio track records the instrumental and my vocals on the same track ?
Also for example
When I don’t even record my vocals the audio track records the instrumental ?
I cant figure out why

You did not report what audio interface you are using. Maybe a “loopback” function is enabled.

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I have a NI Komplete 6 and cubase 8.5 and cubase is no longer getting any input signal. It would appear everything is connected properly (there really is only one way) I have updated my NI software but nothing. Every other feature of Cubase is working fine, it just isn’t registering any input signals.
I can see that the interface (Komplete 6) is getting a signal and i can see in the control panel that a signal is coming from the interface and all the app has not being blocked by any security features. Also,I can run Bias FX and get a signal just nothing into cubase.

Mac ios 10.14