Issues Setting Up Cubase Pro 10.5.0 on 2nd Computer

Hey All,
I’m new to this board, so hello everyone!
Having some extremely frustrating issues that have yet to be resolved with Steinberg Tech Support. COVID changes has made tech support slower to response than usual unfortunately.

I am setting up Cubase Pro 10.5 on my studio work computer and having consistent crashing issues. Initially I downloaded 10.5.20 to the new computer, and had endless issues when scanning plugins on startup. It wouldn’t let me load the program without disabling all third party plugins. When I would then open it and try to set up the pathways in the VST Plugin Manager, it wouldn’t find anything from Native Instruments after scanning the specific folder. Crashed consistently. I got so frustrated with that, that I erased that version, and copied over a previous version that runs fine on my other laptop (10.5.0 - My other laptop is still running in Sierra) into my studio computer Applications. I thought reverting to a previous version might help with some of the issues.
NOW, when I open 10.5.0 on my studio Mac (running Mojave 10.14.6) it will at least scan through the plugins, but freezes and subsequently crashes on ‘Initializing’. Again, I apologize, and am new to this forum. It’s not letting me attach a .doc file to this message so I can add the crash report…

All of my Native Instruments plugins are up to date, and I believe the same goes for the others, although there are several plugins that don’t belong to me on the studio computer due to sharing the space. Long story short, the VST plugin manager wasn’t showing any other vendors but Steinberg.

I am doing my best, but solving these types of technical issues really isn’t my forte - can anyone out there please help me find a workaround?
I feel like this is becoming a nightmare! If I can provide anything else that helps, please holler at me…

Thank you!

Hi and welcome,

Could you please share the *.crash files?

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).

Attached here!
I went and deleted everything and tried to start over with 10.5.2. It opens fine without any third party plugins still (and selecting the option to delete all previous preferences/versions on the safe mdoe startup option after a crash). As soon as I downloaded Native Access and located all my libraries and their apps and tried to load it it crashes on Initializing. If I go into Cubase an again, disable the third party plugins, and go into the VST Plugin Manager, it won’t recognize the folder as holding any new VSTs or FX after scanning.
Cubase 10.5_2020-07-19-162636_Capsules-Mac-mini.crash (120 KB)


In other thread, there is information the very latest NI Kontakt 6 update crashes Cubase now.

Oh shit - that really sucks. Is there a workaround?