Issues to make all ins & Outs working separately

when I open cubase - new project - studio set up, I have only 2 ins & outs active, why I can’t set it up to route recorded tracks to elsewhere but the main out ? Need to Re-Amp and add some external FX to process recorded sound and then get it back to re- record it. Though that it could be possible with UR816C. That’s was the main eason I’ve bought it.

Its cubase 10.5 installed on May 2020
UR816C was purchased during May 2020 so all is new.
Computer is Lenovo yoga model 2020 nothing have been installed on it but cubase

That is indeed possible.
You have to make more inputs and outputs or External FX in the “Audio Connections” set up(F4).
THen when you use one of those ins and outs in Cubase(f.e. in a insert) then they will become “active”.
Please look into the manual of Cubase for more info on this matter.