Issues using Cubase 7 and Sibelius 6/rewire???

I’ve been having continuous crashes occurring upon opening a project in Cubase 7. I was only editing notes between Cubase and Sibelius 6 score. I was not using Rewire on purpose for playback of the sounds in Cubase. But Rewire was engaged within Sibelius. I had previously tried to connect Cubase and Sibelius through Rewire unsuccessfully, but evidently it stayed engaged each time I opened the Cubase project and Sibelius.

So basically I’m just wondering if anyone else has been having a similar issue and how they resolved it. At this point, I don’t care about linking the two programs thru Rewire, although that would be nice. But what I want to continue to do is edit each project simultaneously without crashing.

Anybody ?

Thx Jeff

Cubase can’t be a rewire device but it can be the master and use rewire devices.

I haven’t used it in some time but I would open cubase first then when I opened melodyne it was asked if I wanted to open it as a rewire device etc. Then in cubase on the device menu it should have the rewire application listed.
You choose that and turn on the audio inputs and you should be able to hear the audio from your application in cubase.

I don’t think I’ve seen midi sent over rewire, not sure about that.

Ok thank for the response.