Issues with actions configurator

I’m using VST Live Elements in Version 1.0.31.

I set up some midi actions, e.g. set some knbs to control the layer volumes.
But there is a problem with the 1st layer Control, which is actually a “selected layer” action control.

So if you set CC 20 to manage the volume of 1st layer and CC 21 for volume of 2nd layer, and you have layer 2 selected in the layer view. Than both CCs let control the volume of layer 2 and non CC controls layer 1.

That’s a bit annoying.

Another issue with the actions mapping that I just fogured out is, that the button for deleting an action alwas deletes the first action in the list.
Not the selected, which would be the normal and expected behaviour, or the last, that would be acceptable.

but it’s the first.

And that’s a big problem too

on it, will get back here soon.

Found it…when applying “Learn” to “Layer Volume” for instance, it will show “1st Layer” in the “Layer” column, but it is not (visual bug); it is actually set to “selected layer” internally. Change that to some other Layer and then to the wanted layer , and all should work as expected. Will of course be fixed.