Issues with Antress "Modern Series" plugins

Hey people!

My name is Matias Yañez, im from Chile and im running Cubase Artist 7.5.3 in Windows 7 64 Bit

Here is my problem: normally i use freeware plugins for recording and mixing, such as Guitar Rig, Stillwell and Antress, and they are pretty good for many uses. With the first two, i have no problem in anyway, but with the plugins from Antress (all of them) i can´t work comfortable, because when i apply any of the plugins works fine for a while, but there is a minute that the plugin crash and Cubase show me that the VST Bridge host has been lost connection, and ask me to work with the previous version of the project.

In the website of Steinberg there is an explanation of how VST Bridge works, but the solutions that they offer are doesn´t work for me.

Someone has the same problems?
Any other solutions?

I expect your answers!


The Antress plugins are known for having issues in many hosts. I use jBridge for plugins that REALLY give me an issue, but with Antress, even that doesn’t always make it work correctly, but it’s STILL an improvement over what the Cubase VST Bridge would do.