Issues with Avid Artist Mix

Hi everybody!

I’m an happy owner of Cubase 6. Recently, I’ve purchased an Avid Artist Mix control surface.

The point is that it worked for just a month (maybe less), then suddenly one day a strange message showed up saying that my license for the surface was about to end.
Really strange… after this period of time, I haven’t managed to use it anymore, since the device stopped to be listed as a “remote device”.

The truth is, that I had done something wrong at first since I did not register the USB eLicenser key on MySteinberg site (but I did the activation procedure locally on my eLicenser). However, a week ago I correctly did this and now, on MySteinberg page I can actually see 2 products correctly registered (Cubase 6 & Eucon), but the surface still seems not to be recognised by Cubase at all.

I have two computers, one with Windows 7 64 bit and another one with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I’ve updated everything, starting from Cubase (I tried with either the 6.0.3 and the 6.0.4 patch), installed the EuCon Adapter 6.1 (and of course drivers & firmware for the control surface).

I tried to contact by email the technical support, but in 3 weeks nothing has changed: they refused to give me another license, because they said there’s nothing wrong with the licenses.
I tried also to contact Avid, and they said that there’s probably a license problem.

As an extreme solution, I’ve tried to install everything from scratch on a new machine (just to remove any doubt that my OS/software environment was compromised): it did not work :frowning:

I hope that you can help me solving my problem, because I’m quite annoyed by all this stituation.

Thank you guys,
Giacomo R.