Issues with Collisions and Brackets above the Staff

I am having issues with inserting brackets above this staff for percussion. I have had no issues with this on any other stave in the piece, though I can remember having a similar issue before. Basically, anytime I move anything on this staff in Engrave mode, the furthest right bracket (2 secs) and the mezzo-forte dynamic move up uncontrollably and mess up the staff spacing for the entire page. Even when I select one of these objects and use the “option-down arrow key”, the objects continue to move up. I have no control over how they move and it is extremely frustrating when trying to lay out the score nicely.

I have unchecked the collisions box in the properties panel for all of the text objects with that option, and have also attempted restarting Dorico. I continue to have the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have attached a screenshot so as to show what I am talking about.

If I understand you correctly, I have the same problem:
Interestingly my problem vanishes as soon as I set the score from a c-score to a transposed one. Don’t know why this works, but it works …

Welcome to the forum, ISmith0202. We do occasionally see problems like this, which are generally speaking transitory, which is to say that if you save, close and reopen the project, you should find that the bracket is shown in its correct position. In order for us to fix this problem, it would be helpful if you could cut your project down to the minimal example that still reliably reproduces the problem, and then attach it here (you’ll need to zip it up first, and to reduce the file size you should also do File > Playback Template and choose the ‘Silence’ playback template).