Issues with condensing and music not showing

I’m having an issue (again) with an instrument’s music not showing up.

I have flute 1, and flute 2 doubling on piccolo.

the end of a system, the piccolo stops playing, and 2nd flautist is silent until around 5 measures later.

The problem is, in the measure where the piccolo stops playing, flute 1 continues to play its own material, innto those 5 empty flute 2 measures.

But for some reason, Dorico is NOT showing flute 1 at all.
Flute 1 was there on the previous page, and is there on the subsequent page,
But on that one page immediately following the instrument change for flute 2, flute 1 has nothing showing at all. Nothing I’ve done has shown that staff.
The top staff became “Oboe 1”.

The one time I was actually able to force a flute staff to appear (and I forget what I did) there was no music in it at all. The music is all there in Galley mode, but doesn’t appear in Page mode.

Post a project, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.

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I will try to do so in a few minutes, sorry.

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