Issues with condensing

Hi all,

I found a couple of people posting on here about issues with condensing and I’m running into some problems of my own.

I have a project (attached) where I have 3 horns and when I try to condense the 3 horns into some combination of either 1 and 2 in one staff, and the third horn on the second; or horn 1 on one staff and the other 2 on the second staff, the music disappears completely from whichever staff is condensed. Any idea what might be going on here?

Thanks for your help.

Vestida de Mar (April 2023 Dorico Transfer REAL) - I. As I Ebb’d with the Ocean of Life.dorico (2.4 MB)

Hi Rei!

The piece looks incredible, as usual. I’ll read through it in detail later today because I do like your stuff.

For your issue however, this is rather simple. There are signs that you imported from an xml: many of your opening clefs are local clefs (if you select them, they turn orange (unlike designated clefs), delete all of them, and also delete the two “F major” signposts, and everything will work. Always check for clefs when you import from xml, xml sees all clefs as basically overrides.


Thanks for you quick and thorough response, Claude! That all makes sense, this is indeed an XML transfer. I noticed that these XML transfers tend to create a bunch (and I really mean a bunch) of extra clefs all over the place. These were obviously not in the original. Is this a well known thing that happens with these transfers, or does it jut happen to me? Are there things that one can do on either end (pre or post transfer) to mitigate these extraneous clefs?

Thanks as always for your help and I’m glad you like the piece !

Unfortunately, there is no options to use native clefs. This has to do with the fact that Dorico, and likely Dorico alone uses “implicit” clefs as part of their instruments descriptions.

If you think the explicit clefs are all likely to be redundant, you can filter for them and delete them all in one go.