Issues with Cubase 12 and downgrade

Hello :slight_smile:
I have some issues with the new Cubase 12, in particular with some Plugins like Neural DSP, Amplitube etc. They go to the blacklist, 'cause Cubase sees them as 32bit.

  • can I download an older version of Cubase and use it with the same Cubase 12 license?
  • with the new licensing system is this even possible?

Thank u

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A Cubase license allows all previous versions and lower tiers to be used.
You can install multiple versions as they are all installed in a separate folder.

Example : If you have Cubase 10 Artist, your license permits you to use any versions up to 10 and Artist.

No. But if you updated from a previous version you still have that license on your Elicenser dongle or SeL.

No, it’s a new purchase.
So it’s actually possibile to install multiple versions of Cubase but not with Cubase 12 license…
So I bought it but can’t use it. :’(

If 32bit plugins are what’s stopping you, know that Cubase has not supported 32bit for years. Some people might still be using Jbridge for that though.

I know. But those plugins are not 32bit. :wink:

Oh. Oops. Are you on Mac or Win? Maybe put it in your profile

Have you contacted the producer of those plugins as it could be a problem on there side.

Sorry, I’m new at the forum hehe.
it’s Mac M1.

I did, thank u.
It’s just weird that everything worked perfectly fine with Cubase 10.5 and everything works fine with the last version of Logic.

If you are running in M1 native mode and the plugins are vst2 then they won’t work even if 64bit. Cubase 12 supports vst3 only in native mode. Try running in Rosetta until they are vst3.

Thank you for your reply. They should be VST3
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And if I open with Rosetta…it crashes at startup.

I get this message.

I installed Cubase Elements 10.5, but obviously it’s not working, 'cause I don’t have a license on the USB dongle.
So now I have a useless 10.5 and a useless 12. Super cool :smiley:

Is there a way to uninstall all the Cubases on Mac OS X?
The 10.5 installed 15 Gb but the app is only 500Mb.
There’s no uninstall program.

That’s something Steinberg apparently has failed to make well clear when announcing the transition to the new license system.
They obviously did not “lie”, because the “lower power” of the new 12 license (compared to the previous ones) is a consequence of the innovations introduced, which have been correctly announced and described. Let’s say they just did not point out this particular aspect, letting affected users… notice for themselves.

They also, perhaps inadvertently, didn’t make sure that long term users understood without a shadow of a doubt that the repeatedly announced possibility of becoming “dongle-free” would immediately be real only using Cubase 12 alone, without any “old” licensed product inside (VST, effects…), and that in all the other (very common) cases the wait would have lasted much longer, up to one or two years, over all provided that all products are updated by purchasing the respective upgrades.

Moreover, the idea of gradually “migrating” all products could legitimately be interpreted in different ways. One could, for example, think that an “old” product could “migrate” to the new system by just… adapting itself to it, perhaps by means of some kind of supplied “fake eLCC software” specially designed and capable of emulating the Elicenser while actually checking for the licenses online.
And of course, for those who understood things that way, the move to rel. 12 was far less exciting than hoped and expected.

Thank you for your kind answer. Actually I’m not mad at Steinberg, I understand that the transition can be difficult.

I just reinstalled the system on my Mac, from scratch, installed Cubase and now everything works. For example the NeuralDSP Archetype Nolly works fine.

Let’s rock!!!

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Do you mean you solved the problem you described when you said
" it’s actually possible to install [and run, I add] multiple versions of Cubase but not with Cubase 12 license" ?

Anyway I’m not “mad” at Steinberg either. What use could that have? Besides there are at the moment, unfortunately, much more serious things to be mad at.
I’m just a little bit saddened and disappointed in finding that the new version, announced as so heavily innovative as to even motivate the non-release of the lately usual middle-term “x.5” free update, has actually brought only one truly “new” and “big” novelty:
an online license management system (obviously quite alien to the main purposes of a DAW software), sadly not devoid of easily predictable inconvenient and questionable aspects, especially in the eyes of long-term users.

I have the feeling that the current “early-transition” situation may induce some to postpone updates, staying with release 11 and waiting for the whole thing to be more consolidated. Maybe Steinberg has already taken this into account.

No, sorry, I meant I managed to use my Plugins. Those who were blocklisted!
Well, according to Steinberg there are lots of new features in Cubase 12.
But every software maker says that :smiley: