Issues with Cubase 6.0.4 Audio Skipping on new MR816CSX

I have a fresh install of Win 7 Pro 64 bit 8Gb RAM (matched) i5 7200RPM 1st and 2nd Drives all updated SP1 etc computer optimized as DAW only … Cubase 6.0.4, a brand new MR816 CSX with the latest firmware and drivers just setup today with no 3rd party plugins yet and I too am having skipping in any new recorded project as well as old projects from my old setup. This really makes me have 2nd thoughts. Any help for us with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Tmorg,

did you tried this ?

Please contact our support department when you should still have problems.



Thanks for the quick response. I already had a reply from support and they had me . Change the setting to large buffer. and since I am only running 1 MR also try switching to s200. This resolved the issue.