Issues with Cubase Artist 8

Really hoping someone can help me.

I’ve recently moved house meaning I’ve had to do the awful setup of everything again.

I went to do some recording yesterday and i’m encountering some very unusual problems.

  • Whenever I go to open one of my old projects (that I was working on in my last house), It goes to load all the channels when activating the project but whenever it loads the snare, spot mics or ambience channels Cubase freezes and fails to load. No error message is presented however the only way out of cubase is via task manager.

  • As well as this, I load up cubase without loading a project. When I close down Cubase the correct way, I am unable to open the Cubase application again until I restart my PC.

  • When going to import MIDI files, it lets me select the Midi file from my documents to import but then Cubase freezes and goes to not responding.

  • When going into my Elicencer manager it advises it needs to go maintenance but I can’t get it to actually progress with the maintenance. The loading bar freezes.

I am using a Focusrite Sapphire Pro 40.
Windows 10 OS
Cubase Artist 8
Drum Midi is though Get Good Drums
I’ve updated my Cubase to the latest update.
I’ve updated Elicencer manager to latest update.

Can anyone help me please? So annoying that my setup is the same but I cannot access any of my projects. :frowning:

Hi and welcome,

I would expect an hardware issue (while moving). Either the USB-eLicenser is corrupted or not connected properly…

Just shooting to a darkness.