Issues with cubase export/import

I’ve noticed several issues when I export a project in cubase to the VST Live import format and trying to import it in VST Live:

  1. The imported project doesn’t have the correct tempo. A created song from the import file always has the standard tempo 120. When I change the Tempo in VST Live to the correct value midi and audio tracks doesn’t keep their synchronicity. Therefore I find a workaround so far: Create a Song with the correct tempo in VST Live first, then import the vlsprj file without creating a new project or song.

  2. All imported tracks in VST-Live doesn’t have any buttons (mute, solo) or faders. Also all new created tracks inside a song with imported projects, doesn’t show up any control buttons!
    Screenshot 2022-07-24 130423

  3. For all midi/instrument tracks, the instrument and preset settings are not tranfered through the export/import process. I have to selct all VST-Plugins and presets in VST Live manually, allthough both programs share the same VST-Plugins and I use Halion Sonic SE or Groove Agent SE.

  4. Once imported track files (midi data) will stay in the VST Live midi folder even if I delete the track inside VST Live. When I import a new midi file with the same name, VST Live will take the old existing file from it’s midi folder instead of the new file. I have to manually delete the midi files first.

  5. This is more a feature request, resulting from the issues above: VST Live absolutely needs a midi editor (which can also edit program changes and midi cc data). It’s very elaborate to run through the whole import process if I just want to change or set a midi cc command.

quick one reg. 2), you need to zoom in vertically.

Ok, some problems are easy to solve! Thanks.

Hi @Svengali

to 1 : Sorry, fixed. Next Update.
to 2 : musicullum answered
to 3 : Sorry, will be fixed soon
to 4 : Again, sorry, fixed. Next Update
to 5 : We’ll add it to the Feature Requests lists.