Issues with Cubase LE 5


I bought yesterdat the Tascam audio interface US-122MKII and the software Cubase LE 5 came along.
The reason I bought this was to record some bass lines with my bass guitar. I installed the driver for audio interface and the software of Cubase LE 5.
However I do have encountered the problem that I cannot pick up the sound.
First of all I checked under “device set up” and I saw that as a ASIO Driver the driver ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver was used. It could up pick sound but not apparently when I attemped to record.
When I swtiched the ASIO Driver US-122MKII no sound was picked up. I only can hear from the speakers.
Could you guys give me any infortion on how to solve this problem?

Start with the chapter “setting up your system” from the “getting started manual”

I am currently reading it. I do believe the probem lies in set up of the input and output.