Issues with Cubasis 2.1 and X Air XR-18 from Behringer


I hope that anybody could help with this issue.

I own a mixer, X Air XR-18 from Behringer. I’ve recently downloaded Cubasis 2.1 into my Ipad Air. I made connections between both devices this way: the ipad to a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, this connected to a USB cable (type A to type B) and then into the mixer.

Cubasis recognize the interface. But the audio going out from the Ipad to the mixer is not good, it’s like being frying potatoes and the real audio appears occasionally and with low level. The same happens when the audio goes out from the mixer into the iPad.

I’ve already tested the mixer with the same USB cable with Cubase 7.5 in my Imac with no issues.

My iOs version on Ipad Air is 8.4.1 so there should’t be any problem.

Any suggestions?


Jose Madueno

Hi Jose,

Unfortunately we’re not equipped with Behringer’s X Air XR-18 device to give it a testing.

Please get in touch with Behringer and ask them if the device is capable for iPad use and if they have performed testings with Cubasis. We’re at hand to provide them with a promo code, if required.



Cubasis and iPad are fully compatible with the mixer, that’s what Behringer says on their promo videos. I’ve already tested the mixer with Cubase 7.5 on my iMac without any issue.

I guess the problem is on the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and the USB cable (type A to type B) connections. I’ve already tried using a Trendnet 4 port hub (without ac power) after the USB cable and before the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and the audio is much better. But I still get some noises.

I’ll get in touch with Behringer, maybe they know this issue. I’ll let you know if they need a promo code.

If you have any news about this issue in the next future I’ll really appreciate that you get in touch with me.

Thanks for your support,


Hi Jose,

Thanks for the update.

Please get in touch with me via PM to let me know the eMail address, in case somebody form Behringer is in need for a Cubasis promo code to test the issue.

Cubasis works fine and has been extensively tested with our own UR hardware, and several Yamaha and Line 6 products. In addition our Cubasis LE compact version is bundled with a wide range of additional iOS compatible hardware from other vendors such as IK Multimedia, ZOOM, Tascam, Alesis, CME.

So in general, it should work flawlessly to use external hardware with our app, if it is 100% tested and suitable for iOS. Also it is required to make sure the hardware is connected via original Apple adapters.

Please keep me updated on the issue and let me know if a promo code is required for Behringer.