Issues with Cubasis Project Importer 3.0 with Cubase 12

Hi there, I made a project on Cubasis 3.6 and imported it into Cubase 12 using the project importer (I had to use version 3.0 as I’m on an older version of MacOS).

All of my EQ and reverb settings were not carried over correctly.

  • Crying Pad (minilogue): Cubase didn’t find this preset. Just replaced with the INIT Retrologue patch. Not a big deal but would have been nice.
  • Drum Loop: Studio EQ - 23.6dB Hi-cut at 6.9kHz, instead Cubase shows a 1dB boost at 20 Hz. Nothing else in further EQ or the Strip settings
  • Percussion Loop: RoomWorks SE - In Cubasis I had a 1s reverb time, 40% mix. Cubase shows 20s reverb time at 100% mix (completely different preset). I also time stretched this sample using the Manual ‘Pro’ algorithm but this hasn’t transferred.
  • Bass Lead: RoomWorks SE - Short reverb time, 51% mix. Cubase 20s reverb time and 100% wet.
  • Stereo Out: None of my channel strip settings transferred over. Perhaps this isn’t supported.

It also added a bus/return channel with a MonoDelay which I hadn’t set up in the Cubasis project.

If this is the expected performance then I will simply bounce all files to audio so that I retain my sounds when importing them.

Is this improved in the newer version (3.6) of the Project Importer? I will be using that once I update my MacOS. I knew the integration wasn’t perfect but I did expect better than this and at least for my EQ settings to remain the same.

Lastly, I purchased the Halion Sonic Selection add-on in Cubasis. Will these sounds be transferrable to Cubase 12, or would you recommend I bounce them first?

Thank you,

Hi @jamescurtis

Thank you for your message.

It should work fine to use the Cubasis Project Importer 3.6 update with your given setup.

In addition, please check our dedicated Cubasis Project Importer article, to learn about the features and limitations of it: About the Cubasis Importer

Hope that helps!

Stay safe

Hi Lars,

Thanks for the reply. Will performance with the 3.6 (version) Importer be any different?

Yes, I took a look at the attached article, I’m still not sure why the EQ settings wouldn’t transfer over correctly?

Will sounds within Halion Sonic Selection in Cubasis transfer to relevant sounds within HALion Sonic SE in Cubase?


Hi @jamescurtis

The performance of the Cubasis Project Importer 3.6 should be similar to the current versions. Please feel free to give it a try and let us know about your feedback.