Issues with Dante & Yamaha AIC128-D w N11

Just rewired my studio with Dante using the Yamaha AIC128-D card and Ferrofish A32 Dante.

  1. I can no longer insert any plugins via the channel settings window (click inside, nothing happens). Still works fine via the inspector or the mixer. When I insert a plugin I get this in the Channel Settings insert slot:
    channel settings insert

  2. I can no longer click in a middle of an audio file in Mediabay preview pane to have it play from the playhead position. I can also no longer make a selection.

Anyone else have this happen to them when using Dante?

  1. don’t you have the channel settings > insert window set to routing ? (change it back at the bottom of the insert list)
  2. control room routing issue (possibly?)
  1. Fixed it. Thank you Doctor.
  2. Somehow “align beats to project” was checked and that was preventing me from clicking in preview pant. Thanks for the help!
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