Issues with e-licenser key loading on startup in W7...

Hi Everyone,

I’ve noticed something in W7 that I never had an issue with in W6.

The e-licenser key with WL7 does not seem to load during my computers startup/boot like it did with WL6. So, on initial launch of WaveLab, you get the message that no security key is found. After you re-insert the key, you restart the WL7 as many times as you’d like without issue, AS LONG AS YOU DON’T RESTART THE MACHINE. This is with Windows7 sp1. When I was running WL6, I was running XP sp3.

In my situation, I need to be able to install the key (at the rear of the machine) and have it load automatically as it has in the past. This is partly for security and partly because I’m in an educational setting where we record upwards of 300 events per academic year. This means I have 10-12 student employees working with software…and they simply need to be able to double-click the WL7 icon and start recording…not fiddle with license keys (not to mention potentially losing them).

Did something not install correctly with the e-licenser control center?

Thanks for any info/help you call can offer.

Not really sure what the problem is.
Try reinstalling the driver:

You don’t by any chance use a USB 3 port now? Those are known to be not as compatible with USB 2 as advertised…

I have it since I use Steinberg products. WL + Cubase want the key to be un-/replugged before they start. I still have the old (long) version of the Steinberg key, there are more modern (shorter) ones that may or may not have the problem.

Happens on my desktop, not on my laptop (both are USB2 only). My ILok doesn’t have a problem like this, so it’s propably nothing about how your mainboard or OS initialize USB devices.

My personal workaround is to have the Steinberg key on a USB extension on my working desk, I am automated to un-/replug it before I start to work. We’re turning into man machines :open_mouth: :mrgreen: