Issues with HALion 6 and REAPER

Hello people,

Hope you guys are doing fine. Greetings from Brazil.

I’ll describe the issues I’m having at the moment.

So I’ve sequenced for example a brass part using a HALion sound on track 3. My DAW is REAPER and now I’m running the latest version, 6.79. For this brass track I’ve used a lot of key switches.

After sequencing this brass track, I go for another VST instrument to record another sound. When I make a mistake I stop recording and press undo to dismiss the take, before I can undo the recorded take, several undos of unknown changed parameters on track 3 are created, so I have to press ctrl+Z several times until I can undo the take. This only happens with HALion 6. Haven’t tested HALion Sonic to check if things are the same, I only use HALion 6 because it offers more sounds.

Also, I notice a decrease in performance when using some Iconica Sections and Players instruments like strings, even trying to use multi core processing.

Using Intel Core I7-7700. Mother Board is Asus Prime H270Plus, memory DDR4, 32 gb (two pents of 16) and Windows 10 Pro. Audio interface is Roland Octa-Capture.

Any help on this regard will be very, very appreciated.

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Edu Camargo

It’ll also help a lot in case nobody has a clue for this issue, to have an indication of a place where I can get support from a Steinberg representative.

Again, thanks for any help.


Edu Camargo.

Hi @Edu_Camargo, sorry for the late reply. Seems like you are describing multiple problems.

  1. creation of parameter actions filling your undo history.
    This is just the way REAPER handles undo. You can reduce the amount of entries by choosing
    “save minimal undo states” in the plugin compatibility settings of REAPER.

2 Performance hits with Iconica.
Depending on the preset, Iconica can become very resource hungry. In any case make sure that you have the latest version, as we addressed some performance bottle necks with our last update.

The other advice I can give is to leave the CPU task scheduling to REAPER by disabling it in HALion and running new instances of HALion for each instrument. You can also experiment with the Disk <> RAM ballance slider and see what best matches your system.

I hope these answers point you to the right direction. Another good resource is of course the REAPER forum, as there are very knowledgeable users who know REAPER very well.


Hi Phill,

Thanks so much for your response.

The issue regarding multiple undos still persists even checking the save minimum undo states. And this even happens, for example, when you move a controller such as a mod weel, without even recording or changing any parameter. Only this simple movement is counting as an undo. And with the “save minimum undo state” checked, another problem came: When you save a REAPER project using HALion, you close the project and reopen it, the recorded sounds are not reloaded.

I’ll do some tests with Iconica Sections and Players as I have now updated every library here.

As for the disk / RAM ballance, I always use the maximum available RAM. This when I started using Iconica proved to be a great solution specially when avoiding sounds being cut off when using strings presets, for example. The decrease in performance only occurs when I record multiple tracks, again, especially on the string parts. And I always use multiple instances of each and every instrument, not just HALion, as it becomes easier for me to manage tracks.

Again, thanks in advance for any additional help.


Edu Camargo.