Issues with Helix Floor and Cubase


Cubase does not recognize my Helix Floor as an asio driver. I am however able to set it to output if I pick the generic asio driver option, but that means I am not able to playback other audio from other applications at the same time. This is a problem, as I use different software alongside Cubase while recording too (Guitar Pro for instance).

I checked in Cubase 9 and it is just the same there. This worked a few months back, but something has obviously changed in the meantime which I can’t figure out on my own. Anybody got some tips on where to start?

edit: issue resolved itself magically. I have no clue what did it.

It is Windows.

Sounds like a WINDOWS issue? Please put your specs in your signature so we don’t have to guess what you are using there. If Mac then it is a security setting/privacy issue