Issues with Inserts while monitoring

I’m working on Electric Guitar in Cubase Elements 12…I’m running direct into a Rupert Neve DI and into a Presonus StudioLive AR12c…Windows 11 on laptop…when I try to insert AmpSimulator to hear effect while monitoring…I get a high feed back…this happens with headphones or through monitors…it is unaffected by channel gain or volume…also not able to hear effect …direct monitoring is off…any ideas

Doesn’t happen here, and I just tested the AmpSimulator with the Nu Metal preset, as well as others of the same kind, as insert on an audio track receiving a Telecaster signal on a Hi-Z input.

So, there is something wrong the routing, I guess. Few questions :

  • What do you have, as ASIO driver, in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel ?
  • As it seems that the Presonus mixer should be connected to a DAW via an unique bidirectional USB-C connector, when used as audio interface, couldn’t there be a kind of audio loop set inadvertantly in the mixer ? I see, in its manual, that there is a loopback recording option…
  • Bypassing the amp sim, do you still get a feedback ?
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Most likely, like @cubic13 already mentioned, a loop routing in the mixer.

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Got it! USB/SD Card Return was engaged,problem resolved…Thanks!

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