Issues with Lyrics and Video playback

when editing Lyrics the means to enter and adjust them is at best opaque and at worst time consuming and annoying, and causes the programme to crash. to move them around so that they sit in the right place causes them to expand and sit over and obscure previously positioned lyrics. the apparent mechanisms to set length and position using the counters at the top of the window seem to do nothing.
Video playback seems to be variable at best, with videos from other songs playing at the same time as the current song selected.
Trying to put a fade on the front of a video seems to cause jump images from later in the video.
I am trying to prepare a live set for the new year and this is concerning. is the reliabilty of this programme safe to use in a live performance. at this point, I am less that sure.
please tell me that these issues are being adressed.

thanks a lot, long term Steinberg user (since pro24)

All the best
Steve Murrell

Did you update to version yet?

oh yes i did

Then we need more details. Just made some tests and all looks fine here with video, multiple Songs, multiple tracks, fades all good. What videos do you use, what are your specific problems etc, any details welcome, thanks.

Windows 10 OS, MP4 1080 videos, only got two songs in the system so far. It may be artifacts on my system, NVIDIA 970 with 3 monitors.

the bigger issue for me is the way you have to enter and then not adjust lyrics, which ends up very time consuming.

Hiya, What video format does VST Live prefer?
Is there any chance of the editing for the Lyrics Track to be improved?
Will there be a combined Lyrics and chords display for VST mods, would be very useful…
I like the product, and it offers much in its concept, but it feels like it needs more development.
I live in hope…

all the best


… there are no preferred formats. Is a format not working?

… what are you missing? We are always collecting feedback to improve features.

Open the CHORDS tab. Open lower lower zone. We’ve added a Lyrics Display to it. And have a look to the CHORDS header. You will find a “EDIT” button to hide the CHORDS editor. Then you should have a Chords/Lyrics Display.


Thats fine for the laptop, but I need that on the ipad remote for the singer. Is it possible that might be a thing. please

… in the making,


still having issues with variable playback of Videos.
I have built a set with Videos accompanying each track (11 at this point) and some play in video screen, and some do not. all videos are MP4 format, and are all stored in the project folder.
after saving a project (having made changes), all videos in the project then all play at the same time, sometimes spread across the screen in multiple thin versions, and sometimes over each other (overlayed).
Also, trying to trim the end of videos seems to make the sych change, as if the video has been moved.
could we also lock the position of the original audio tracks to the video please.

thanks a lot

Steve Murrell

Are those videos in different Songs?
Also it looks like it behaves differently after saving and then loading, is that what you say?
A project (just the .vlprj file, nothing else required) would help, else will try to reproduce.

hiya. yes all in different songs.
Beat The Drum VST LIve Set (156.4 KB)

confirmed behaviour changes after saving project

Tried to reproduce it but to no avail. There is nothing special and all video tracks go to Monitor 1, but I never get more than one video track to show. Of course I had to replace your files, but that shouldn’t make a difference.
We are preparing for a new version soon, maybe you can check it again then. Thanks for the project!