Issues with MIDI Control

My info:

WIndows 10 (up to date)
Nuendo 10 (up to date)
FaderMaster Pro > RME MIDI IN
Icon iControls > USB

My goal is to use either of these control surfaces (ideally the FaderMaster) to automate CC#s. I have followed every piece of documentation I can find on getting these to work in Nuendo to no avail. I can see MIDI input activity in the meters on the bottom right, but nothing makes it to the instruments. One time I successfully got SOMETHING into Kontakt, but it registered every button/fader as CC#0.

I’ve now spent the entire day on this…this is insane.

Does anybody have any idea how to make this exact setup work with the FaderMaster Pro? I was able to open Kontakt standalone and everything worked amazingly well…so it is an issue with the DAW.

Thank you for any help!


If I’m right, Fader Master Pro is DAW control. So you should add a device in the Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices. Click to the + button. Hopefully you will find it in the list and you could add it. Then set the RME MIDI In and RME MIDI Out and it should work. Disable the RME MIDI In from the All MIDI Inputs in the Studio Setup > MIDI Setup, please.

If you would use icon iControls, the process is very similar. This controller is using Mackie Control. So in the Studio > Studio Setup add a Mackie Control Device. As an Input and Output set iCon iControl and disable it from the All MIDI ins.