issues with midi controller

When I hit record into the score editor not every note I play when I click the play button, I would like some help.

Now the recorder is going really fast and the graphic display of the next to the instruments are really long.

Hi you,
please dont get me wrong, we cannot understand what you are actually talkig about. Don’t be shy because of lacking English skills, just try to explain your issue with MORE words… what exactly are you doing, what exactly is happening? What exactly is the problem?

When I record in the score editor, fast notes don’t get recorded when played on my midi controller and now accidentally, in the cubase pro project window, the measures are way too long and when I hit record the recorder line goes really fast.

Hi you, would you tell us some details of your setup?
What midi controller are you using?
What audio interface and what driver?
Could you also post screenshots as well?

As for the fast going recorder line…You have most likely zoomed in so that the bars appear looooooong which is also the reason for the “recorder line” to move so fast!

I’m using an Akai mpk 261 on an iMac Pro. I’m not using fan audio interface and I’m not sure what driver I’m using, I think I figured out the problem for the midi controller, but I can not get the tracks to zoom back in, can you help me with that?

Great that the midi controller works for you now.

Concering Zooming: There are various options to zoom (search for zoom in the manual in chapter about the project window) - ONE Of them is the little slider that you find at the bottom of the track-list (project window - upper zone) at the right side. The little triangle can be moved to zoom in and out horizontally (there is also a slider at the right side to zoom in and out vertically).

HTH, ernst

Thanks a lot, that worked