Issues with MIDI Program Change

Please see this post :

I’m on an iPad, and have no keyboard to type.


I’m wondering if I will able to do it in either Cubase Artist or Producer (or Elements, for that matter.)

If someone could please run this test, I would have my answer :

If you can send program change commands into Cubase (on multiple MIDI ports/channels simultaneously), and be able to change presets on a multi-timbral VSTi (meaning more than one MIDI channel at a time), and have it not only trigger those program changes, but also record them and be able to play them back, then I will be successful. Then the question is, “How ?”

I will post this question to multiple forums in the hope of getting an answer from somewhere.

In the general forum, vic_france had this to say :

"(I don’t usually use Cubase Elements, but)…
I think you may have indeed discovered a bug. I tried recording some program changes, and, while I can see them as events in the Part in the Project window, when I open up the Key Editor, I can’t find them (and they don’t seem to transmit anything).
However, any program changes that I insert manually into the Key Editor, work just fine (if that is any help :wink: )

EDIT: (ymmv on this one)… I simply went into Preferences>MIDI>MIDI Filter>Record, and toggled the option “Program/Patch” a couple of times, and it now works ok on recording… go figure! :slight_smile: "