Issues with mono plugins

Hi. I have some weird behavior in Cubase 10. When I load up a mono track and add a MONO VST to it the sound is separated into two channels and only one is affected. It behaves the same way as if you were to put a mono plugin on a stereo track.

Example: I’m using a pitch shift plugin right now on a mono track and the left speaker is playing the pitch shifted version and the right is playing the dry.

I thought perhaps the behavior was due to it being routed to a stereo bus but even when it’s just a mono track to the main fader it still responds like this.

Is there a setting or something somewhere that I’m missing?

Thank you for your help!

Could you show the TOTAL routing and channels involved? Including PAN settings.

Isn’t the main fader stereo though?

Some plugins are mono->mono while others mono->stereo, and some vendors like waves supply all possible combinations (stereo-> stereo etc).
I’ve found with Waves that the least trouble free setup is to make all channels stereo and use the the mono-> stereo versions of plugins.
You can still have a mono file on a stereo track, and this will also enable you to pan the audio (not possible on a mono track).

There can´t be many use cases for a mono track really, perhaps something like audio books or whenever the output is a mono track.

Thats not true. You can Pan a mono track as long as it is routed to a stereo track.