Issues with moving segment in VariAudio

Cubase 9.5 Pro

I’m reading the manual, and I can’t seem to actually move a segment in VariAudio.

  1. Be in sample editor.
  2. Have segments activated in VariAudio section of inspector.
  3. Deleted a segment to the right of the one I wanted to move (they can’t overlap).
  4. Dragged right on the top grab bar of the segment I want to move.

The segment indicator moves, but when you play back the actual audio, the waveform is identical. Also, the giveaway is that the segment move really doesn’t take the waveform with it. The waveform stays there, and is unmasked visually when you slide the segment back to where it was, or masked when you move it away again.

I don’t know if it’s a bug, or if I’m missing something.

I’m getting the idea that VariAudio is fine for pitch editing, but a bit of a nightmare for timing editing.

I’m actually evaluating Melodyne right now, and was trying to see if there are things I’m missing about VariAudio before I splash out on Melodyne. That’s how I got into testing this stuff out.

In any event, anyone know why it isn’t actually moving the audio behind the segment?

I’ve wished for a note move function for ages, but afaik it is not present in VariAudio (anyone?).

A pseudo-workaround is to go into the other mode (by hitting TAB when you’re in segment mode), then effectively move the musical note by grabbing/dragging the left and right edges in turn.

That is actually the time stretch function, but when you move the left and right borders by the correct amounts, the time stretch returns to zero.

In the end, I usually try to move notes in the project editor, not VariAudio, but I’d be interested in hearing how others do it.

Yeah; you can’t re-phrase segments in terms of mixing up (hiding/deleting) the order of them as they appear, in VariAudio. You can only change their pitch or their timing, at the position (along the timeline) they are at… if that makes sense.! Its as @alexis says.

Though, now I’m thinking about it, you could load the whole phrase into the Sampler Track and slice and dice and edit (the order of notes) in there first - then do any VariAudio stuff… maybe that would work…