Issues with MusicXML Import

Hi Dorico team… I’ve attempted to import MusicXML and ran into this misplaced note… I’ve not studied the entire piece to see what other issues there may be:

46712976 HerbOnly - No Tab.xml (1.4 MB)

The problem here is that Guitar Pro has exported the XML for the f dynamic in between the two notes of the “chord” at the start of b.11. This prevents Dorico from being able to recognise them as a chord.

Thanks, @Richard_Lanyon for the quick analysis! Playing devil’s advocate here… why does MuseScore succeed then? Why would GP agree with your assessment, if they can point to another example where it is working as expected (at least… from my/user’s perspective)?

MusicXML as a standard doesn’t have many clear statements of what is “right” and “wrong”, so different application developers have had to try and work out for themselves what is and what isn’t expected. Unfortunately this means that different developers have come up with rather different assumptions about what a MusicXML might look like (or ought to look like).

Thanks @Richard_Lanyon - as we like to say in the construction software industry regarding standards… everybody has one!

It at least give me something the further inquire about w/ GP folks.

Thanks again.

MuseScore is known to have the best MusicXML import outside of Finale. The best way to get clean MusicXML import into Dorico is to use MuseScore (free) or Finale (if you already owned it/moved to Dorico from it) as a middleman.

Import the MusicXML into one of those packages and then export it from there to Dorico. They seem to be able to handle almost anything you throw at them for import, while having very clean exports that move over well to Dorico.

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@Trensharo brilliant! Thanks for the suggestion… confirmed that the issue above is resolved using this process.

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It’s possible that Guitar Pro just has an old, buggy MusicXML exporter in the application. Some software is like that (Notion 6, for example).

For some reason, Finale and MuseScore are able to ingest the output from those applications without issue, while other applications have compatibility issues when ingesting them directly.

Fortunately, a zero-cost workaround is available :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t (at least version 4) Musescore have native Guitar Pro import; so you wouldn’t need to go via MusicXml?
So you could go GP → Musescore → (musicxml) → Dorico instead of GP → (musicxml) → Musescore → (musicxml) → Dorico

Oh! That’s great, @tinasky … indeed, MuseScore reads the GP file… and outputting out to MusicXML saves some cleanup that I was otherwise facing in GP (namely, hiding the TAB staff in the drum part to avoid duplicate notes).