Issues with Nurndol 11.0.4

have Windows 10 Pro.
I updated Nuendo to 10.0.4 and had to revert back to 10.0.3 because it was not compatible with my AXR4 as far as the latency goes. The latency does not change when I change the buffer size.

Also the headphone mixes are screwy when using direct monitoring and the AXR4. As I bring down the volume knob in the headphone mix in the control room the AXR4 reverb stays at the same level.

I reverted to 11.0.3 and it all worked as it should.

Is there anyone out there with a similar setup having these same problems?


I upgraded Nuendo to 11.0.4 and all is fine concerning latency change in AX4T. Are you talking about a Mac or Windows machine?

It turned out to be a mistake with my settings.

I would suggest you also write that in the Nuendo forum, as it can really deter people from updating.

Or delete the comments all together.