Issues with Octaves in Step Input?

Hi all! Congrats to Steinberg on the 1.0 release, hopefully we’ll start exterminating those bugs soon.

Has anyone else been having issues with selecting what octave the input comes in while using a QWERTY keyboard for step input? I tried using the key commands for changing octaves, and wasn’t having much luck.

On a secondary note: I have no idea how to connect my XKey Air bluetooth MIDI keyboard for input in Dorico, if the team has any words of advice they’d be much appreciated.

Re the octave selection, can you give an example where you find the selected octave incorrect? It will depend on the instrument itself (and the clef it uses), as well as any previous notes.

There are also shortcuts to enter an octave above (Shift+Alt+Notename) or below (Ctrl+Alt+Notename or Ctrl+Notename on Mac) the selected default.