Issues with Ozone 6 and CPRO8?


What Kind of issue, please? Could you describe it?

Than I would say, it’s on the plug-in side.

Hi Headlands.

Have also noticed a problem with Ozone 6 & Cubase 8.3 but I think this is due to the Nvidia Geforce 210 graphics card on my PC.
There is a registerd issue with certain makes of graphics card & Cubase 8.
Maybe this is causing your problems.

By Fabio Bartolini » 07 Oct 2015 11:33


I reported this issue, please see this thread: (my posts are further down the page).

[Edit: Added ref. thread]


Update ozone to version 6.1, if you haven’t already.

Anybody knows what the best video card suggested by Steinberg for Cubase is in order to avoid compatibility issues?