Issues with Pedal Lines in 4.3.10 Update

I just ran the 4.3.10 maintenance update and am now having significant issues with pedal lines. If a pedal line continues on to the next system it will simply disappear. If I merge pedal pedal lines from different systems, every pedal line after the first system disappears. And (unlike v. 4.3) when I merge pedal lines they all become one pedal line without retakes instead of preserving the retakes. Anyone else running into this issue?

Running Mac OS 12.6.1

Both issues reproduced on MacOS 10.14.

Thanks, I confirm the problem. We’ll look into this as a matter of urgency.

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Yes please! Urgency!
I’m putting the finishing touches on the piano reduction of my viola concerto and desperately need pedal lines.
I just opened the file to see if it remembered the pedal placements from before the update, and it did not. Which means I cannot send the piano reduction to the publisher until this is fixed.

Regarding merging pedal lines, Dorico will preserve any retakes in the lines that get merged together, but it does not create new retakes corresponding to the start position of each pedal line that is merged. This would be a good thing for it to do, but it’s not something that it does at present.

quick question: you can merge pedal lines?

I’ve found myself inserting a pedal line, then realizing that the next pedal marking should actually be connected to the previous one. I always end up deleting all and just inserting a new one.

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Same bug in iPad Version.

Yes, you can. Select the pedal lines you want to merge and type “merge pedal” into the jump bar, or find it in the right-click context menu. See here:

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Fixed. You are so super fast. Thank you, great support.

is there already an update to the update?

For the iPad version, yes, Apple have been exceptionally speedy and have already approved an update with a fix. For Windows and macOS the wait will be a little longer as I cannot release updates on my own, requiring the assistance of my colleagues in Hamburg.


Dorico 4.3.11 is now available via Steinberg Download Assistant with a fix for this pedal line regression. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Incredible – response within hours and a software update in less than 24. Thank you, Daniel! One of the many reasons I love Dorico! :slight_smile:


thank-you so much for such a rapid response.

it makes me think of another notation program where, to the contrary, very long-standing bugs were sarcastically referred to by users as “features”.


You and your team rock! Such an incredible interaction with the user base, fast response and fix :1st_place_medal: