Issues with Percussion Kits and Playback Templates

I have a percussion player with several instruments mapped to both NotePerformer and a single Kontakt instance (with 2 different Virtual Drumline instruments loaded). I saved the Endpoint Configuration and made a new Playback Template using that configuration. When I set that Playback Template to be the default, and then create a new player with that exact same Percussion Kit, what I expected to happen was that the new instrument would map to it’s own separate NotePerformer channel and for it to create 2 new VDL instances inside of Kontakt. What actually happened was that it loaded up 7 new Kontakt Instances for several different instruments in the kit that were mapped to VDL, and loaded each of those Kontakt instances with both of the VDL instruments.

This picture illustrates the issue, but with many more instruments in the kit, and more instances of Kontakt being loaded for the 2nd instrument. Is there a way to get my desired behavior from Dorico?

I’m afraid I don’t think there is a reliable way to do this using playback templates at the moment, no. There are some loose ends relating to the handling of percussion kits in endpoint configurations and playback templates (our ref: STEAM-11327 and possibly STEAM-9954) that are waiting for Paul to have a chance to go back around and take care of.

For the time being, I think the best available option would be to save a project template with the desired configuration set up, and then start new projects based on that template, adding or removing players as needed to get to the desired ensemble.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Thanks Daniel. That’s the direction I’m going for now: since I know I’ll have at most 4 of these players, I will create a template file with 4 of them (manually setting up the routing for each) and then delete any that I don’t need in a particular arrangement.